Equity indices are one of the most popular types of trading in CFDS. GICC FX has stock indexes from around the world to choose from
Stock indexes are a good indicator of market performance. Indices such as the ftse 100 and the DJIA, which are a composite of exchange-listed blue-chip stocks, are often useful indicators of current market sentiment. Changes in the prices of any constituent stocks in the index are reflected in the overall value of the index.

The index has the advantage that traders can look at the overall performance of a basket of stocks rather than focusing on individual stocks. GICC FX offers online trading of index spreads and futures contracts on MT5.

Link to the world's eight most liquid stock trading indices

GICC FX allow traders to access the most liquid market indices. Experience true financial institution level transactions in our transparent DMA pricing model.

Link to 8 major world stock exchange indexes

Through the optical fiber network, to ensure the fastest execution speed

To gain an edge in the futures market, stock index traders need to have the fastest execution of their trades. GICC FX USES the bridging technology of oneZero TM to enable our fiber optic network to provide the best trading system.

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