Precious metal trading products

Precious metals as an international investment product, daily trading volume is large and volatile, subject to various international political, military, economic, supply and demand factors, as well as a variety of emergencies, traders bring a large number of opportunities for price difference. T+0 trading rules, two-way trading, allow for unwinding at any time, direct connection to global Markets, customers can get the fastest quote and trade execution at GICC FX.

Gold trading characteristics

  • High value resistance to inflation
  • Two-way trading model for bilateral trading
  • Leverage margin model to improve the availability of funds
  • +0 trading, 24 hours trading
  • Open, transparent and fair market

Silver trading characteristics

  • Cash silver operating funds by the bank supervision of capital security
  • Margin increases the utilization of funds
  • T+0 mode, 24-hour trading, flexible and convenient
  • Convenient operation, as long as connected to the network can easily trade
  • Spot silver fluctuates steadily
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