Energy products mainly refer to gasoline, kerosene, diesel, heavy oil and natural gas produced by refining crude oil. Different from the futures market, the contract for difference in price of energy products has no physical delivery difference and can be bought and sold on the same day with a relatively low entry threshold. Investments in energy CFDS can protect against both inflation and appreciation. Investors can trade oil in both directions for 22 hours to buy oil up or down.

Crude oil trading

The price of crude oil, known for centuries as “black gold”, is often used by speculators to assess the health of the world economy.
By virtue of the increasingly transparent CME futures market traded on MT5 platform, I explored the crude oil market and made profits.
Take advantage of the inherent links between commodities, financial derivatives and index markets to trade in this highly technical market

Trading was as low as 10 barrels of crude at 0.01 lots

Natural gas

Natural gas is a naturally occurring chemical fuel that is used in cooking and power generation.
Natural gas is traded as a futures contract on the New York mercantile exchange, each contract worth $100,000.
Gas contracts have become increasingly popular with hedge funds and pension funds to diversify their portfolios. Trading natural gas.

Trading as low as 0.01 hands, 100Btu

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